Corona Virus (COVID 19)

Our office is now open again, thank you for your understanding during the last two years. We still ask that you wear a face mask when entering the building.


A major overhaul of probate legislation is on the agenda, as the government urgently looks to change requirements around witnessing wills in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Law Society and the Ministry of Justice are discussing ways to deformalise the signing of wills and to make it quicker to register for lasting powers of attorney. Currently a will must be signed by the testator and two independent witnesses.

Among the options on the table are an Australian-style approach which would give judges more flexibility when deciding what constitutes a will; a European-style system where testators could write wills by hand without witnesses; and a process where wills could be witnessed electronically. Current laws around the signing of wills have been in place since 1837, and it is unclear whether new legislation would be revoked once the coronavirus crisis is over.


We have a legal obligation to check your ID when progressing most matters. We now check ID using Biometric ID testing via your mobile phone or computer, alternatively we will conduct a video call over Skype or Zoom meetings to verify your ID. 


Before is a copy of our Covid 19 Risk Assessment