Nelson Myatt uses LAWCONNECT to share documents with you securely




LawConnect is a secure Document Management System developed to help you keep control of your personal and case/matter related legal documents.

With LawConnect:

  • Your solicitor can share documents with you

  • You can upload important documents

  • You can view and make comments on documents

  • You can view your client funds balance

  • You can view any disbursements we pay on your behalf

LawConnect is free to use. All documents within LawConnect are organized into the case/matter that they relate to, making it easy for you to organize and find documents.

You can also upload your own documents for safekeeping, such as insurance policies, driver licenses, or copies of your will.

LawConnect can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using a LawConnect login.

Set up my account  (remember to use the email address we hold for you as the username)


Your First LawConnect Invitation

The first time a document is shared with you through LawConnect, you'll receive an email invitation that will look like this:


The email invitation includes the name of the person sharing the document, the firm that they're associated with and any message or instructions they've included.

Before you can view the shared document, you must first create an account with LawConnect.   


To create an account:

Either click the link ‘VIEW’ in the email and you'll be taken to the home screen of LawConnect to sign up, or  follow the link ‘Read my documents’ from the menu at the top of this page.

Click Create an Account at the top right corner of the sign in screen.


Enter your own details choosing a password of at least 8 characters which contains both letters and numbers, Tick the box to agree to the privacy policy then click Create

You'll receive an email from LawConnect to verify your email address. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER
















From the email Click Confirm My Account to verify your email address for LawConnect.








You will then be able to Sign In when you enter your email address and password.


Please make sure you use the same email to sign in as we used to send you the link

Once you have signed up, you will then have access to LawConnect.

Clicking on the 3 dots on the right hand side of the screen as highlighted above will allow you to open your documents



The left-hand side (Cases/Matters) of the page lists all cases/matters with documents that have been shared with you by your lawyer.

You will find your documents either under the documents tab or collaboration tab. Your financial statements can be found under Billing and Client funds.


Any subsequent visits to LawConnect will require you to sign in using the credentials you used to create your LawConnect account.


Common Issues

Unable to see shared documents – Occasionally accounts have been created by inadvertently using the American or Australian version of Law Connect, we will either need to move your account or create a new account of the UK version using an alternative email account. Please make sure you create your account from either the link sent to you or from our website.

Unable to log in even though Law Connect says you already exist - Have you responded to the email asking you to verify your email? Often this email is missed, it may have gone into your junk folder.

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