Is your solicitor taking 25% of your compensation?

Are you unhappy with your Solicitor?

Is your Solicitor taking 25% of your compensation at the conclusion of the claim?

Transfer Your Claim to Nelson Myatt Solicitors

When choosing a solicitor to deal with your legal affairs you tend to either look for a local firm, follow a recommendation or appoint a firm who has a good reputation.

Unfortunately, when you need to make a personal injury claim you are often pushed by your insurance company to use their recommended panel solicitors despite knowing little about them, which prevents you from making an informed choice on your legal representative.

Panel solicitors are often large regional firms situated miles away from your home address making it hard to arrange face-to-face appointments to discuss your claim. You may find that you struggle to speak to the same person about your accident claim, that you wait days for a returned call or that your injury claim is being handled by an unqualified member of staff.

If you felt obliged to use a solicitor appointed by your insurer and are unhappy with the service offered or don’t feel that your case is progressing as it should despite raising your concerns, you are entitled to transfer your claim to another firm. We appreciate that this may sound daunting but transferring your file is a relatively simple process.

At Nelson Myatt we arrange to discuss your compensation claim with you immediately so we can get to grips with the case from the outset. Thereafter, we will draft an authority for you to sign, authorising your file to be transferred from your existing solicitors. We then contact your existing firm with a copy of the authority on your behalf and ask that the file, including any original documents, be sent to us so we can pick up where they have left off.

If your current solicitors are taking a percentage of your damages then transferring your file to Nelson Myatt is likely to have the added benefit of increasing the compensation that you receive. When your file is transferred to us, your 25% damaged-based agreement with your previous firm will usually be terminated, meaning we can ensure you receive 100% of your compensation at the successful conclusion of your claim.

If you would like to discuss transferring your personal injury case to us, please contact Katie Baker to discuss the matter in strict confidence.

Katie Baker

Nelson Myatt LLP

01492 588200

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