Comparing quotes - What to look out for

It should be easy to compare quotes from different solicitors when looking to buy or sell your house, shouldn't it? You would think it would just be the legal fee that will change, because everything else will be the same, right?

Well, it would make life simple if that was the case, but actually, there are several hidden charges to look out for and some of these charges are buried deep in the small print. For example, at least one popular on-line conveyancing company charges an archiving fee. Not only that - this is charged PER DOCUMENT.

Getting a quote online can be difficult. Yes, there are sites where you can get a selected few quotes in one go. You always have to put your personal details in and be ready for the follow up sales calls but at least you’ve been able to compare like for like, right? Wrong! Even with the quotation breakdown you’ve been given, you’re probably not seeing all of the costs.

Here at Nelson Myatt we like to be open and honest about our fees right from the start. We have created our own bespoke conveyancing calculator so you get the total price without having to tell us your life story. This means you can get lots of different quotes quickly.

If you haven't yet decided where you are going to move to and how much you should offer for a property, you can get a range of quotes to help you manage the house-moving budget.

Our calculator covers all of the costs that we charge so you can be sure that there is nothing extra to pay. If we don't list, it we don't charge it!

The list below shows some of the items that other solicitors and conveyancers might charge for. It's definitely worth checking the small print or asking them directly as these fees can add up to hundreds of pounds.

New Client Fee

Archiving fee

Stamp duty submission fee

Mortgage fee

Deed of Covenant

Serve a notice on a leasehold property

Mortgage redemption fee

Supplying copies of deeds

If you find any that I have missed please get in touch so that I can update this list

Why not check out our conveyancing calculator now on our website at

Of course it's not all about choosing the cheapest, as with all things in life you want quality. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients, don't just take our word for, have a look at our reviews or ask your Estate Agent about us.

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