4 reasons you might want to leave a gift to a Charity in your Will.

It's National Remember a Charity week.

Here are four benefits of leaving a gift to charity in your Will.

1. It's the best time to make a bigger donation

During your life you may give small amounts to charity but not feel able to give too much because you need to look save some money to look after yourself and your family. However, when you've died you can divide your assets between family, friends and charity to benefit them all with none of those concerns.

2. It's a nice thing to do in your own memory

It's nice to leave something for people to remember you by when you're gone and lots of people choose to do that through a donation.

3. It can reduce the tax bill

If your estate is chargeable to inheritance tax then that liability will be reduced if you leave gifts to charity. Your solicitor can advise you on the details of this.

4. And, of course, it helps the charity

For so many charities, gifts from Wills is one of their biggest sources of income and they are so grateful to have been remembered and benefited whatever the size of the gift you leave.


If you want advice on your Will, and how to make gifts to charities, then give us a call to arrange your free initial half hour appointment.

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