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Our first guest blog of the month is from RSPB Conwy who are set in a beautiful location just across the A55 from our offices. We asked them how legacies in Wills help their work...

Canada Geese and the Carneddau mountains. Photo credit: Ben Hall

On the banks of the Conwy estuary, with magnificent views of Snowdonia, RSPB Conwy is a great place to get close to wildlife. Flowers buzz with colourful insects in the summer; the lagoons are alive with wading birds and ducks in the winter.

This home for nature was created by the charity RSPB, by landscaping millions of tonnes of mud that resulted from the Conwy tunnel works. Now years on, habitats have developed to support wildlife, visitors can enjoy opportunities to connect with nature and many visiting school children get their first glimpse of herons, dragonflies and pond skaters.

To continue its work to support wildlife and connect people with nature a gift in your Will to the RSPB can help defend our wild places and wildlife far into the future. You can make a lasting and profound difference.

• You can help to keep our beautiful reserves at the heart of the RSPB’s work. You can help them to form an important part of the UK’s landscape and its wild spaces.

• You can ensure that our migratory birds, which give us the sights and sounds of summer, are protected and cared for.

• You can ensure that there is always urgent, intensive help available to any species at risk. And you can prevent others, such as puffins and the turtle dove, from declining in numbers.

• You can help science to better understand threats to birds and wildlife, find intelligent workable responses to these threats, and to help the wider world live and work in a way that is not detrimental to nature.

• You can change the way we all think and feel about nature. From government officials to the people on the street.

• You can build a future that is stronger, better, and brighter.

Everyone has their own reason for leaving a gift in their Will to the RSPB. For some, it’s to help protect a species that they really love. For others, it’s to strengthen the future of our reserves like RSPB Conwy.

Whatever your reason, we know that considering leaving a gift is a very private and personal matter. And so we want to thank you for taking the time to think about supporting the work of the RSPB.

Click here for more information about RSPB Conwy.

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