Tenancy rules are changing

It has recently been in the news that Landlords and Agents in Wales will no longer be able to charge extra fees but what does this actually mean?

The Welsh assembly has recently passed a law which it is hoped will come into force before September of this year.

It will mean that landlords and agents can no longer ask for payments for things such as viewing a property, signing a contract or ‘administrative fees’ when renewing a tenancy.

These new rules have been brought in due to reports which showed that tenants were being charged hundreds of pounds before they had even agreed to rent a property. In many cases, exceptionally high fees were being charged in situations where tenants had no choice but to rent and therefore no choice but to pay fees they could not afford.

Once the new law is in effect landlords and agents will only be able to require payments for rent, deposits, council tax, utilities and breaches of contract.

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