Communication with Clients - Q & A

We took part in #SolicitorChat on Twitter this morning. Today, it was all about Communicating with Clients.

Some of the answers we gave are set out below:

How can you help clients understand their case when it comes to more complicated aspects and legal jargon?

It is a Solicitor's job to explain legal jargon so that a client fully understands their case. This can be done through verbal or written explanations & definitions and giving clear, accurate worked examples. Reducing jargon used in the first place is also important.

Every client is unique so how do you approach tailoring your advice to make sure their individual needs are met?

If a client is familiar with an area of law then advice may be straightforward. If a client is very new to something or needs extra assistance understanding legal concepts then more time and care must be taken to explain things clearly and in an appropriate way.

Do you do anything aside from the usual e-mails and face-to-face meetings to communicate with clients?

Some clients prefer correspondence by post so they can receive a hard copy. Face-to-face meetings can be important. Meetings can be at our offices or at their home if that is easier. In some cases, translators or client support staff will be present too.

What are the benefits of clients feeling that they are able to ask their Solicitor questions and then doing so?

If clients can ask questions of their solicitor this will reduce the chances of misunderstandings, prevent the client worrying about something which can be easily explained or resolved and it helps the solicitor to give 100% clear advice.

What tips would you give to clients when it comes to having open communication with a Solicitor?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – if you don’t understand something, that needs to be resolved. Don’t hide relevant information as that makes it hard to advise you properly - too much information is better than not enough.

Nelson Myatt Solicitors pride ourselves on communicating well and efficiently with clients. Contact us on the details below for more information about how we can help you.

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