Furlough issues?

Worried about your job after Furlough?

With the scaling down and ending of the Job Retention Scheme in October, many employees that have been subsidised by furlough payments will be worried that when the funding stops so will their job. Many employers face difficult decisions on how to get their businesses back up to speed and may not be ready to start paying full wages for everyone at least not straightaway. This is why the furlough scheme is being scaled back in stages.

Some important dates to be aware of:

From the 1st July employees can go back to work part-time if their employer requires. For example, an employee who usually works Monday to Friday 9-5, could return to work for 2 days per week, which the employer would pay for and the furlough scheme would then cover the other 3 days per week not worked. Any agreement in relation to employees returning to work part time will have to be set out in a written agreement.