What is Probate?

When someone sadly passes away, you will often hear the word ‘Probate’ thrown around like you should know what it means. In reality, dealing with someone passing away and their estate is often something many people rarely have to experience (thankfully).

The word ‘Probate’ usually refers to a grant given by the court allowing someone to deal with someone’s estate. By ‘deal with the estate’, we usually mean selling property, closing bank accounts, paying debts and distributing any money or items.

So, who can apply for probate? If someone has left a Will, it will most usually be the person or people who have been named to act as executor of that will. If there is no will, the usual person to apply would be the closest living relative based on the laws of intestacy. In this case, it is worth getting some legal advice on who can or should apply and how.

Once you know who