Will Aid is back

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

This November sees the return of Will Aid. Once again Nelson Myatt Solicitors are aiming to make a difference by donating their time to charity in the form of not charging for Wills throughout the month.

Rather than pay us for drawing up your Will, you are encouraged to make a donation or a legacy to Will Aid. You will get the same professional service.

Donating is even easier this year, you just head to the Will Aid website and enter how much you want to give along with the name of the solicitor you used.

Of course, this year has turned out very different to the one we all had planned and so we are having to make adjustments for social distancing, track and trace, face masks and extra sanitising. Where we can, we will sign Wills outside and take instructions by phone or email.

To take advantage of this scheme you should register your details on the Will Aid website, we will then contact you to make an appointment. We need to make appointments at the moment as our doors are kept locked so that we can limit physical contact to a minimum.

There are no age restrictions, and your Will Aid donation is voluntary and at your discretion. We suggest £100 for a single Will or £180 for a pair of mirror Wills, but you are free to choose the amount you wish to give.

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