Family law tends to break down into three main categories: Divorce; Financial Remedies and Child Matters.

In today’s modern world there is no such thing as an ‘average’ family or ‘normal’ relationship. You may be married, living together, or separated. Children, step-children or adopted children are perhaps living with you or living elsewhere. Grandparents or other family members could also be involved. Whatever your situation, relationships can sometimes break down and that is when turning to a family solicitor can really help you to resolve difficulties quickly.

We understand that these matters are stressful and personal, and we promise to do all we can to help guide you through these testing times. We will do our very best to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome and that you solicitor is available when you need them.


Financial Remedies
Children Matters

Cohabitation Agreements

A Cohabitation Agreement sets out how you and your partner will manage your money matters. A partner might be a friend that you are buying a house with rather than someone you have a romantic relationship with. You can make a Cohabitation Agreement at any time.

A Cohabitation Agreement can cover how each of you will share financial commitments such as rent, mortgage payments and household bills. It can also set out how debts will be shared; take account of different contributions made by individuals when buying a house; how to separate belongings such as cars or furniture when the partnership breaks down. It can also be used to set out arrangements for pets and how you would support any children.

We offer a fixed price for Cohabitation Agreements provided that both sides are in agreement. Both sides must obtain separate legal advice.

Cohabitation Agreements are especially useful for unmarried couples as even if they have been living together for many years there are no automatic rights without marriage.

If you would like to discuss your personal circumstances in confidence you can call Andrew Nelson on 01492 588200 or email Alternatively, you can us the contact form below to request further advice.

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