Financial Remedies

Leading on from divorce the family finances need to be fairly split.  This can often be the most stressful and difficult part of a separation.


Not only will we guide you through the legal process, but we will act on your behalf to ensure that you don't lose your entitlement to a fair division of matrimonial or relationship assets. We also provide you with the legal assistance to ensure that the other party complies with any court judgement.


This area of law involves negotiations with the opposing side which we undertake by representing you, keeping your best interests in mind, but also with an aim of achieving a favourable and realist result.


Each case will be individual therefore our advice is to get in contact as early as possible.  All consultations will be confidential.




If you would like to discuss your circumstances in confidence you can call Andrew Nelson on 01492 588200 or email Alternatively, you can us the contact form below to request further advice.

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