Our Complaints Procedure


Whilst we are confident that this firm will give you a high-quality service in all respects, we are regulatory bound to have a complaints procedure. Please follow the steps outlined below in the order in which they are presented.


How to make a complaint


If you have any queries or concerns about our work for you or about our bill of costs, please do not hesitate to contact the solicitor/fee earner who you have been dealing with initially.  You will have received their full contact details within our initial client care letter at the outset of your matter.  If you are unhappy with their response or you wish for your comment to be formally investigated please make your complaint in writing to our Complaints Officer, Claire Myatt. 


You will need to provide Claire with the following:


·         Your full name, contact details and your matter reference number

·         Full details of your complaint to include why you believe Nelson Myatt Solicitors LLP have failed to act for you in the way you would expect.

·         What outcome you would like to achieve as a result of your complaint


You can write to Claire at:


            Nelson Myatt Solicitors LLP

            Suite 6

            Conwy Business Centre

            Junction Way

            Llandudno Junction


            LL31 9XX


Or email her on claire@nelsonmyatt.com


If for any reason Claire Myatt cannot deal with the complaint, then Andrew Nelson or another member of staff will be appointed to deal with it in her absence. 


If your complaint is in relation to costs, then you have the right to apply to the court for as assessment of the bill under Part III of the Solicitors Act 1974.  Details of this can be found on the reverse of any invoice sent to you. 


Please note that the Legal Ombudsman may decide not to consider any complaint you make to them regarding costs if you have already been referred to the court for assessment. 


Once a complaint has been formally received


On receipt of a complaint our Complaints Officer will:


·         Acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 3 working days enclosing a copy of our Complaints Procedure.

·         A full investigation into your complaint will then be undertaken, which will include carrying out a full review of your file and speaking to members of the team who have been involved in your matter.  We aim to do this within 14 days of receiving your written complaint.

·         If it is felt appropriate, then you may be invited to a meeting to discuss your complaint further.  After the meeting we aim to write to you to confirm what took place in the meeting and any solutions that were agreed. 

·         If a meeting is not deemed appropriate or it is not possible for some reason, then we will send you a detailed written reply to your complaint within 21 days of sending you our initial acknowledgment letter. 


The above timescales will be adhered to as much as can however if for any reason they cannot be followed we will write to you and let you know why and provide new timescales. 


Appealing the Complaints Officers Decision


If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our investigation you may appeal the decision within 7 days of receiving our investigation findings. 


Wherever possible another member of the management team would be appointed to reconsider the complaint made, any further evidence provided and the investigation findings.  They would then write to you within 14 days of receiving your request for an appeal with the final position of the firm on your complaint. 


Other Options


Under our professional regulations we have eight weeks to consider your complaint.


If we have not resolved it within eight weeks you can if you wish, ask the Legal Ombudsman to consider your complaint.  You can contact the Ombudsman by writing to the Ombudsman at:


            Legal Ombudsman

            P.O Box 6806


            WV1 9WJ


Or call them on:


            0300 555 0333


The Legal Ombudsman accepts complaints from individual and small businesses, charities or associations. Normally, you will need to bring a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman within six months of receiving a final written response from us about your complaint.   Otherwise the time limit for the Legal Ombudsman accepting a complaint is six years from the date of the act or omission or three years from when you should have known about the complaint.


As a firm we believe that strong communication at all stages of your matter helps to alleviate the need for any concerns/complaints.  Should you have any concerns or issues, however small or insignificant that you think they may be, please speak to us.  We are here to help you.  

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